Bavaria Manor

Hotel is a fusion of eastern and Western culture manor apartments, monopolizes the manor panorama, piling Sheraton Resort Spa, manor is China's Hakka enclosed houses and temples and German castle and windmill; Heyuan Radix Fici simplicissimae soup and chicken drumstick, and Bavarian beer and Zhushou; two more are cited that Howe's air quality, hot spring, forest coverage and can be used as drinking water in large lakes. Heyuan Bavarian manor created multiple first at home and abroad: the world first seat Hakka style hotel and the hotel one viewers mats can be 360 degree rotating panorama theatre show; world first seat plastic Jinshen Sakyamuni sit Jin Bodhi Tree Buddha Hakka style temple; the most challenging Sports Park, one of; the country's first Chinese Medicine Chinese medicine hot springs; South China's first artificial ski seasons; farms; this is a very let people charmed the manor.

【Tips] [1. Breakfast time: 07:00-10:00, such as the need to buy breakfast children 1.2m the following free and 1.2m-1.4m children 60 yuan / person; more than 1.4m by adult charges 118 yuan / person, please voluntarily in the hotel front desk to pay (above is for reference only, specific to publish); II hot spring business time: 09:00-24:00.

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